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A conservatory is a structure comprising at least 75% translucent material in the roof and at least 50% translucent material in the wall area. Conservatory roofs can be glazed with either glass or polycarbonate and the sides can be full height windows or can feature windows set on top of a small wall, known as a dwarf wall.


Adding a conservatory to your home not only provides a great sense of light and space - it will also become one of the most versatile living areas of your home, with endless uses - dining room, playroom, office, garden room or even a second lounge.


A wide range of styles are available that need to be carefully considered to ensure that you not only choose a conservatory which complements your home, but also that suits the main purpose you will use it for. For instance, if you want a conservatory with 2 distinct areas consider a P-shape.


When choosing a conservatory featuring our windows and doors you can be assured of a secure and stunning addition to your home.